Seapoint Boat Club Photos

Slide show images by Vincent Delany

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Sackville St Dublin post Easter 1916

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Dublin after the 1916 bombardment

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SBC Minutes Extract

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Extract continuation

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Lease to Martello

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Bathing restriction after 9.30 AM

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Early map of Seapoint

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Salthill Hotel (Lawrence Collection NLI ref. L_CAB_06100)

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International 12 ft dinghies at a race start off Seapoint

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Seapoint Martello Tower – Home of Seapoint Boat Club (DLR document)

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Entrance door to Seapoint Martello Tower

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Ardenza Terrace

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Seapoint Regatta – Start of 21 foot yacht race in Dublin Bay

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Blackrock House

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Blackrock House – Venue for SBC regattas. (Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage) (5 Sept. 2022).

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Tailteann Games yacht racing medal won by “Bonita” of SBC

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Capt. Jimmy Payne
Capt. Jimmy Payne and his wife Aileen in Belgium for the World Championships in 1924

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World Dinghy Champs 1924
International 12 foot dinghies at the World Championships

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Mrs Eithne Payne and her father’s trophy in 2011

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Dun Laoghaire boatbuilder Michael Mahony made six dinghies for the club

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Perry & Co quotation for fitting out the 12 foot dinghies

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John Wallace – winner of the gold medal in the 1928 Tailteann Games

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12 foot international dinghy “Gadget” later renamed “Cora” in the 1930s

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Lt. Col. the Hon. Claud Maitland Patrick Brabazon
Claud Brabazon’s boat “Gadget” with her original English marking

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Claud Brabazon’s command – Army airship “Eta”

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“Cora” formerly Brabazon’s “Gadget” under sail with a crew of two.

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Seapoint in strong wind

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The Edmond Johnson Trophy

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Dublin Bay Sailing Club officials From left to right: – Jimmy Mooney, George Craig, Mr. Thompson, Sean Hooper, and Terry Roche

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Dublin Bay Sailing Club – Junior Section – 1959

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Ceremonial launching of the first boat in 1959

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A Seapoint Boat Club 12 foot International dinghy “Gadget”

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