Update 3/11/2022 Third Autumn Lecture Thursday 10th November at 8pm

Main Street, Blackrock at the turn of the 19th century


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We will have a definite set of dates for 2023 shortly, and the speakers will be finalised in the near future, so please keep an eye on this website.

Thursday 10th November 2022 8:00 pm

The Three Good Fridays

by Bill Morrison

   Four score and more years of the memories of a proud Blackrock octogenarian buachaill,

including who was….

Who was Mona Baptiste??


Please note there is an attendance charge of €5 for non-members of Blackrock Society

The remaining 2022 talk will be on Monday 12th December.

Food Through The Ages” by Mike Gibney.

Professor Emeritus of Food and Health, UCD

The talk will cover the early period of hunter-gatherers, the advent of settled agriculture in the Fertile Crescent and the basic food chain of the first millennium. Thereafter, this food chain was altered by both eastern and western influences. The former involved the spice trade and the arrival of tea, rice and coffee. From the West, the Columbus exchange, we had a dramatic shift in European food with turkey, chocolate, potato, corn, tomatoes etc. Finally we will look to the future and explore how climate change will influence the human food chain.


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Rowan Gillespie’s Blackrock Dolmen erected in 1987

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