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Main Street, Blackrock at the turn of the 19th century


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Due to the impact of the Novel Coronavirus (CoVid-19) the committee of the Society has decided to suspend all lectures starting with the one planned for the 27th March. When matters clarify, we will resume activities, but, for the moment, no planning of such resumption is possible in the circumstances. We will inform you of any further developments by email in due course.


SUSPENDED due to CoVid-19 outbreak (was Thursday 27th March 2020)

The 1941 Bombing of the North Strand in Dublin

By Padraig Laffan – Local Historian

Padraig Laffan will elaborate on the causes of, and neutral Ireland’s shocked reaction to, the outrage that occurred during the “Emergency” on the night of 31st May 1941, when four high-explosive bombs were dropped by German aircraft on Dublin’s North Strand. 28 innocents were killed and 90 injured, while 300 houses were damaged or destroyed.


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Blackrock Society – Aims

Rowan Gillespie’s Blackrock Dolmen erected in 1987

The aims of Blackrock Society are to:

To create an awareness of the history, culture and indeed, the peculiarities of the County Dublin town of Blackrock, together with its surrounds, thus adding to the local community’s sense of itself.

To help preserve the unique character of Blackrock from diffusion or loss.

To record details of events, both local and national, consider their impact, and disseminate them through lectures and visits.

To publish an annual illustrated journal of our activities including lectures, discussions and trips.

We have been endeavouring to promote these aims from our inception in 1992.

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