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2024 Lectures (ongoing)

Monday 13th May – Ireland’s Garden Birds by Niall Hatch (Birdwatch Ireland)

Monday 22nd AprilAfter the Ball was over… Whither the Ascendancy? by Frank Tracy (Local Historian)

Monday 11th MarchSouth Dublin’s Literary Heritage: Joyce, Beckett, and Beyond by Dr. Niels Caul (Essayist and Lecturer)

Monday 12th Feb – Poetry: A Salve in a Fractured World by Katie Donovan (Poet & Writer)

Monday 15th Jan – John Hinde & His Colour Picture Postcards of South Dublin by James Scannell (local historian & writer)

2023 Lectures

Monday 11th Dec – From Blackrock to Thatcher, via Baghdad by Rory Carroll Journalist & Author

Monday 13th Nov – The Granite Coast by Peter Pearson (Historian and author)

Monday 23rd Oct – Diplomatic Experiences in the EU, USSR/Russia and the Middle East by Peter Gunning former Ambassador

Monday 18th Sept – The Irish Civil War – A Centenary Assessment by Professor Michael Laffan

Monday 22nd May – The Housing Mess – and how we got into it by Frank McDonald (author & journalist)

Monday 24th April – Ireland’s Call, Navigating Brexit by Stephen Collins (author)

Thursday 23rd March – Diplomatic Experiences by Peter Gunning former Ambassador see Linkcancelled and will be moved to Autumn/Winter ’23

Monday 27th February – A History of Food by Prof. Mike Gibney see Link

2022 Lectures

December Talk moved to February 2023 due to weather issue.

Thursday 10th November – The Three Good Fridays by Bill Morrison see Link

Monday 10th October – Seapoint Boat Club by Vincent Delany see Link

Thursday 8th September – The Social History of the Civil War in Ireland by Valerie Cox

Thursday 9th June – The 1941 Bombing of North Strand in Dublin by Padraig Laffan (postponed from 12th May)

Monday 4th April – Joyce, His Literary Contemporaries, and the Early Reception of Ulysses by Professor Brian Cosgrave

2020 Lectures – programme aborted abruptly due to CoVid19 pandemic

Saturday 11th January – Launch of Proceedings 2019 by Mary Mitchell O’Connor TD, Minister of State for Higher Education – See Report and Gallery

Monday 27th January The Life and Verses of Robert Service – 1874 to 1958 by Denis Gill Historian

Thurs 27th FebruaryAn Englishman, the Kerry Air & a Newspaper Love Affair by Gerry O’Regan

All subsequent activities cancelled due to the CoVid19 pandemic.

Previous 2019 Lectures, Talks and other activities

Saturday 12th January – Launch of Proceedings 2018

Thursday 31st January ‘A Vision for Today – The Rebuilding of Dublin After 1916’ by architect Robin Mandal

Monday 25th February ‘Blackrock and the Surrounding Areas in The Great War’ by Conor Dodd

Monday 25th March ‘How Safe Is Flying?’ by Captain Ted McCourt

Monday 29th April ‘Waterford Merchants and their Families and Descendants in the Port Cities of France and Spain 1600-1800’ by Liam Murphy

Thursday 30th May ‘The Metals – from Dalkey to Dún Laoghaire’ by Rob Goodbody

Thursday 12th September   Creative Writing: Excavating Your Memory for Inspiration by Justine CarberyWriter, Teacher and Journalist

Monday 7th October   Queen Victoria – Her Life and Times   by Frank WoodsLocal Historian

Thursday 7th November   The Light that Failed: The Dundrum Rail Car Collision by James Scannell

Monday 2nd December – Famous People I Nearly MetSome Faded Highlights from my Career in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations by Niall Henry Bracken